Video surveillance software

Video Surveillance technology is rapidly evolving from old hardware-centric isolated recorders to software powered solutions that turns a computer into a surveillance system for a home or office.

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video surveillance SYSTEM FOR HOME AND OFFICE
Video Management Systems offers much more than just surveillance.

Traditional CCTV systems uses analog cameras which come with limits. New age video management systems are intelligent. They can record, store, playback and analyse the captured events in real-time.

Video management software system is created to play the central role in a surveillance system for competitive companies.

VMS make storage using highly flexible and easy to manage in terms of the number of connected cameras and types of video analytics. Advanced Video Surveillance systems has no problem for Storage as the data can be stored on the customizable cloud.

Surveillance applications can support Parking Management, Automated Monitoring, Access Control Integration. Video Analytics and moreā€¦

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Video Surveillance

Artificial intelligence in video surveillance: prospects of use

With the help of artificial intelligence, conventional video cameras can be turned into smart devices. This is possible thanks to the detection of objects using computer vision technologies.

The devices are connected by any video cameras, remotely online and via the Internet. The intelligent subsystem independently finds the network IP cameras and links it to the program.

In video surveillance using artificial intelligence, events are automatically recognized, information is sent to mobile phone and other devices, to telegram. It is also possible to think in events to recognize objects on the air.

There are many advantages to video surveillance using artificial intelligence. Many video surveillance systems are ineffective because can only save footage to archive. Video surveillance with artificial intelligence is based on neural networks that are trained on large amounts of data. Videos are received on mobile device when certain events occur. Therefore, you can see in real time where the villain or troublemaker is.

Artificial intelligence video surveillance can be used for different targets. It is used in small business, for "guarding" a home, yard, hall near an elevator, in a parking lot, in an apartment, for guarding various objects, as monitoring animals, children, babysitting, or to control cleaners / housewives.

The problems that arise with video surveillance can be solved very simply. It is enough to choose cloud technologies and artificial intelligence. These technologies will make the process of video surveillance simple and convenient.